Filling up of left over vacancies in the KGBVS with the -next meritorious candidates Instructions

APSS-KGBVs - Filling up of left over vacancies in the KGBVS with the -next meritorious candidates Instructions - Issued.


1. Govt. Memo No. ESE01-SEDNOSPD/120/2020-3, dt: 26.05.2023

2. Govt. Memo No. ESE01-SEDNOSPD/120/2020-3, dt: 14.06.2023 3. Recruitment Notification No. 1/2023

4. This office Proc. Rc. No. 5521021/72/2023-IED & KGBV-SSA,
dated: 28.05.2023

5. This office Proc. Rc. No. SS21021/72/2023-IED & KGBV - SSA. dated: 14.06.2023

6. This office e-office No. 55-21021/72/2023-IED&KGBV-SSA, dated: 2.08.2023

7. Govt. Memo No. ESE01-SEDNOSPD/120/2020-4, dt: 17.08.2023 &&&

The District Educational Officers & Ex-officio Project Coordinators Samagra Shiksha and Additional Project Coordinators in the State are informed that in the ref. 1 Cited Govt, has accorded permission to fill up 1555 vacant teaching in the KGBVS. Accordingly, vide ref. 3rd to 5th cited this office has issued Recruitment notification and guidelines for filling up of the vacant teaching posts in the KGBVS through the District Level Committees in their respective districts.

Further, they are informed that after completion of the recruitment process, the following are the left-over vacancies teaching posts in the KGBVs as per the information furnished by the districts. The details are as
Further they are informed that in the ref. 6th cited a proposal has been submitted to Govt., to fill up of the left over vacant teaching posts in the KGBVs. Accordingly Govt. vide ref. 7th cited has permitted to fill up 317 left over vacancies with next meritorious candidates.

They are therefore requested to take up the initiation for filling up of the above said leftover vacancies duly the following guidelines below mentioned guidelines through the District Level Committee, which was constituted earlier under Chairmanship of the Joint Collector in the districts:


1. Confirmation of vacancies once again obtaining the data from all KGBVs in the districts including the non-joining posts, resignation posts, non-availability of eligible candidates. 2. Finalization of subject wise, cadre wise vacant posts for all posts including principals.


1. Preparation of merit lists with 2nd meritorious candidates for all subject wise and cadre wise posts without any deviation to the roster 2. If 2nd meritorious candidates are not willing/ attended the points counselling, then consider next meritorious candidate le.. 3rd meritorious candidates to the particular roster point. 1. The District Level Committee shall conduct the counselling to all meritorious candidates in the presence of Joint Collector.


2. If the existing 1:3 shortlist is exhausted, call for the next candidatesfrom the merit list for certificate verification, finlalise and shortlist the meritorious candidates @ 1: 30 ratio for conduct of skill test list to the extent of the left over vacancies.

3. The process should be completed with in a week from the date of issue of these proceedings.
Note:-1) In respect of newly called for candidates proper certificate verification should be conducted by the experienced Headmasters /Lecturers in order to ensure 100% merit candidates. 

2) Conduct skill test to all newly shortlisted candidates in the presence of District Selection Committee consisting of subject experts for all subjects as specified in the recruitment notification and issued guidelines issued vide reference 3rd and 4th cited.

Therefore, all District Educational Officers & Ex-officio Project Coordinators, SS and Additional Project Coordinators, SS are requested to take appropriate action as per timelines prescribed above duly briefing process to the District Collector / Joint Collector of respective districts and complete the recruitment process without any deviation in connection with the rosters, vacancies, local status etc. Also ensure that all the recruited candidates should be placed in schools by 1.09.2023 without fail. Any deviation in this regard will be viewed as serious.

This has the approval of the State Project Director Samagra Shiksha.A.P Vijayawada.

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