Eklavya School Recruitment 2023 EMRS Notification for PGT, TGT Posts

National Education Society for Tribal Students (NESTS), the Governing Body of NESTS hereby makes the following rules for regulating the coethod of recruitment in respect of following teaching and non-teaching posts:

Eklavya School Recruitment 2023 EMRS Notification for PGT, TGT Posts

i. Principal 


iii. Post Graduate Teacher (PGT)

iv. Trained Graduate Teacher (TGT)

v.Art Teacher

vi. Music Teacher 

vii.Physical Education Teacher


ix Counsellor

x.Staff Nurse

xi Hostel Warden

xii. Accountant 

xiii. Senior Secretarial Assistant

xiv. Junior Secretariat Assistant 

XV. Catering Assistant

xvi Driver

xvii. Electrician-cum-Plumber 

xviii. Lab Attendant

xix. Gardener Cook

xxi. Mess Helper

xxii. Chowkidar 


Total Posts:38000

Principal 740; 

Vice Principal 740; 

Post Graduate Teacher (PGT) 8880, 

Trained Graduate Teacher (TGT) 8840; 

Art Teacher 740, Music Teacher 740; 

Physical Education Teacher(PET) 1480; 

Librarian 740; Counselor 740; Staff Nurse 740; 

Hostel Warden 1480; Accountant 740; 

Senior Assistant 740; 

Junior Secretariat Assistant 1480; 

Catering Assistant 740; 

Driver 740, 

Electrician, Plumber 740; 

Lab Attendant 740; 

Gardener 740; Cook 470, 

Mess Helper 1480; 

Chowkidar 1480; 

Sweeper 2220

1. Short Title and Commencement

(1) These rules may be called Eklavya Model Residential School Recruitment Rules, 2023.

(ii) They shall come in to force on the date of their notification

2. Future Maintenance of the Service

(6) All persons appointed on direct recruitment basis in accordance with these
Recruitment Rules shall be the employees of NESTS and governed by these

Recruitment Rules.

(i) All the appointments in EMRSS after the notification of these Rules shall be made
only in accordance with the provision of these rules. Notwithstanding anything contained herein any class or category of posts and incumbents thereof, may be placed in the State/Regional Cadre or All India Cadre,
as the case may be, by a general or special orders of Commissioner, NESTS.

3. Number of Posts, Classification and Scales of Pay The number of posts, their classification and the scales of pay attached thereto shall be

as specified in columns 2 to 4 (RR) of the Schedule annexed to this notification. Senior Scale and Selection Scale to the teaching staff and Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme to the non-teaching staff shall be made applicable to the eligible posts in accordance with the orders issued in this behalf by the Govt of India from time
to time and as adopted by NESTS.

4. Method of Recruitment, Age-limit and other Qualifications

(1) The method of recruitment, age-limit, qualifications and other matters relating to the said posts shall be as specified in columns 5 to 12 of the said Schedule

(i) The upper age-limit as prescribed in column 6 for EMRS employees will b applicable in the case of employees of EMRS wherever the past is filled up by Direct Recruitment.

(iii) The upper age-limit prescribed by direct recruitment shall be relaxable in the case
of candidates belonging to the Schedule Castes & Schedule Tribes and other specified categories of persons in accordance with the orders issues in this behalf from time to time by the Central Government.

(IV) For promotion to the various posts under the EMRS/Society composition of the Departmental Promotion Committees for different categories of (NESTS), the
posts is as given in column 12 of the said schedule.

(v) The scheme of EMRS provides for admission of girls to the extent of at least 50% of the students in each EMRS In order to effectively manage the residential custodial requirements of girl students, the Commissioner, NESTS may decide during each selection to enlarge the zone of consideration by up to 50% for female
candidates in order to facilitate recruitment of more female candidates for direct
recruitment in respect of post of TGTs in EMRS. However, there is no specific
provision of reservation for recruitment of female candidates, except age relaxation
as per the rules

(vi) In order to encourage more female candidates to apply for teaching jobs in EMRS, the upper age limit in case of female candidates applying for the post of TGT and
Hostel Warden (Female), would be extended by 10 years while deciding their eligibility.

(vii) Notwithstanding anything contained in these Rules, the Commissioner, NESTS may, in case of urgent need, permit appointment on short-term contract against any post included in these Rules on a consolidated remuneration, provided that the amount of remuneration shall not exceed the pay plus deareas allowance admissible at the minimum of the pay of the post. In such cases the contract period shall not normally exceed one year unless otherwise specified.

5. Probation

(1) Every direct recruit shall initially be appointed on probation. The period of

probation to the satisfaction of the appointing authority, he/she shall be eligible for confirmation of appointment or continuance therein as the case may be, and such probation shall be two years from the date of appointment, which may be extended by another two years by the competent authority for reasons to be recorded in (ii) When an employee appointed to a post on probation has completed his/her confirmation of appointment shall be made in the order of seniority as indicated in the relevant select panel. (iii) An employee appointed as a direct recruit to any post in EMRS, specified in the Schedule, who has no lien on any post under the Central Government or any State Govt, or the EMRS shall, while on probation, be liable to be discharged from the post at any time with one moth's notice or pay in lieu thereof, if

(a) On the basis of his/her performance or conduct during the probation he/she is considered unfit for further retention in the post concerned, or

(b) On the basis of any information relating to his/her nationality,testimonials, age, health or antecedents, the appointing authority is satisfied that he/she is ineligible or otherwise unfit for being an employee of EMRS/NESTS.

(iv) A direct recruit who holds a lien on a post under the Central Government or any
State Government or in the EMRS may, while on probation, be reverted to such post
at any time on grounds of any of the circumstances specified in sub-rule (ii)above.

6. Disqualification No person-

(a) Who has entered into or contracted a marriage with a person having a spouse
living, or (b) Having a spouse living has entered into or contracted marriage with any person, shall be eligible for appointment to the said post. Provided that NESTS may, if satisfied that such marriage is permissible under the Personal Law applicable to such person and the other party to the marriage and there are other grounds for doing so, exempt any person from the operation of these Rules.

7. Residuary Matters

In regard to matters not specified/referred to in these Rules, the employees holding the posts specified in the Schedule shall be governed by the regulations and orders applicable to the employees of NESTS in general.

8. Power to Relax

When the Governing Body of NESTS upon a recommendation made by the Commissioner, NESTS to the effect, is of the opinion that it is necessary or expedient
to do so, it may, for reasons to be recorded in writing, relax any of the provisions of
these Rules with respect to any class or category of posts or persons.

9. Savings

Nothing in these rules shall affect reservations, relaxations in age- limit and other concessions required to be provided by NESTS for the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled
Tribes, Other Backward Classes and other special categories of persons in accordance
with the orders issued by the Government of India from time to time in this regard.

10. Interpretations

If any difficulty arises in the implementation or operation of any of the provisions of these Rules, the Commissioner, NESTS, from time to time, issue with the approval of the Chairman, Governing Body of NESTS, such general or special directions not inconsistent with the provisions of these Rules, which appear to be necessary for the purpose of removing such difficulty.

Last Date to Apply:31.07.23

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