G.O.Ms.No:17 Tribal Welfare Hostels Conversion into Residential Schools

Tribal Welfare Department – Conversion of (50) Tribal Welfare Hostels into Residential Schools and creation of 600 posts (Teaching posts-450, Non-Teaching posts-150) in (50) Tribal Welfare Residential Schools in Non-Schedule Area in 8 districts during the year 2015-16 under Tribal Sub Plan 2015-16 to improve quality of education among ST Children – orders – issued

G.O.MS.No. 17                                                                  Dated: 05-02-2016
                                                                                                 Read the following:

                                                 The State of Andhra Pradesh enacted “Andhra Pradesh ScheduledCastes Sub Plan and Tribal Sub Plan (Planning, Allocation and utilizationof financial Resources) Act No.1 of 2013” to ensure, accelerateddevelopment of Scheduled Castes (SCs) and Scheduled Tribes (STs)with emphasis on achieving quality focusing on economic, educationaland human development. The Act has also stated clearly that the tribalsub-plan shall give special attention to the STs residing in Scheduledareas. In the reference Second read above, orders were issuedaccording permission for converting (50) TW Hostels into AshramSchools by opening (50) TW primary Schools in the premises of theHostels during 2013-14 in the ITDA Districts for improving quality ofeducation to STs. In the reference third read above, the Tribal WelfareDepartment has requested to accord permission for converting (50)TW Hostels into Residential Schools and sanction of 600 posts(Teaching posts-450, Non-Teaching posts-150) in (8) NonITDAdistricts during 2015-16 as per Annexures-I, III and IV respectively. 

                         In the circumstances stated by the Tribal Welfare Department,Government hereby accord permission for converting (50) TW Hostelsinto Residential Schools and sanction of 600 posts (along with financialimplications for Teaching posts-450, Non-Teaching posts-150 towardssalaries) in (8) districts by opening TW Residential Schools in thepremises of the hostels during the academic year 2015-16. The detailsare annexed to this order as per Annexures-I, II and III respectively. 

 The Tribal Welfare Department shall take further necessary actionin the matter. 
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